The Balkan Route (2011 - 2016)

The phenomenon of contemporary migration has appeared several decades ago. People leave their homes, their families and their homelands for a better future. They usually leave behind them homelands at war, countries with high unemployment and poverty.

The largest wave of immigration in recent years comes from the Middle East and particularly from Syria. Also a large number of immigrants are coming from the African continent. Destination of all of them is Europe, a place they hope to find happiness, work and generally a decent standard of living.

When an immigrant from Africa or Asia decided to immigrate illegally to Europe, then begins a long road with many difficulties and obstacles. A trip starts under adverse conditions. In this journey, in order to enter in Europe, he must pass the sea borders. This section is the most dangerous and most people died in this. Even they overcome this division, the onward journey has many difficulties.

Europe is facing an unprecedented phenomenon which is the largest wave of immigration after the 2nd world war.

This Story tries to record the path of immigrants and their journey to a better life in a Europe that tries not to lose its humanistic, democratic and peaceful face.

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